Preparation before a disaster is critical to community resiliency.

  • Promote disaster preparedness through fairs and community and business events in Kailua.

  • Identify and equip community groups interested in providing response or recovery services.

  • Donations to purchase supplies for preparation, response and recovery efforts:

    • Small Group presentations
    • Kailua Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for search and rescue and disaster medical supplies (response phase).

    • Community Points of Distribution (CPOD) safety and traffic control supplies (recovery phase).


In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, partner with Kailua CERT to gather information on areas in Kailua impacted by the disaster.


Coordinate recovery services, connecting people with life-saving supplies.

  • Conduct needs assessment (who needs food, water, medicines, etc.) of Kailua residents.

  • Forward results of needs assessment to government and nonprofit relief agencies.

  • Coordinate the logistics and distribution of supplies through the use of Community Points of Distributions (CPODs).